Jawablah pertanyaan A, B, C dan D yang kamu anggab yang paling benar.

Read the text and answer question 1 to 4

MINUTEMAN, excellence Meets Clean CARPET MACHINES one stop cleaning Solution.

Minuteman’s ambassador Carpet Extractor –are the ideal choice for affective carpet and upholstery cleaning Minuteman’s MPV Multi-Purpose vacuum maximum performance in a chageable, lightwight, dual motor vacuum lightweight with added bag capasity for longer, more affective cleaning power.  Gotcha ! Self containet Lightweight Portable, Spot Removal System, Minuteman’s Gotcha ! is designed for spot removal and carpet maintenance operations that require good skill, efficiency, power and hassle-free, one-person operation.

1). What is the advertisement about ?

 A. Carpet Machines                  B. Minuteman Carpet
 C. Multi Purpose Carpet          D. Excellent Meets Clean.

2). Which statement is TRUE based on the text ?

A. Only one person may operate the machine
B. It’s hard for one person to empower the machine
C. It can be operated by one person easity
D. The machine cleans the power of the person

3). “……. And carpet maintenace operations that require good skil…….” The underlined word can be best replaced by …….

A. Take               B. Have          C.Need          D. Make.

For question 4 to 6, choose the correct words to complete the paragraf.

Some people have tripe planned  by travel agents who give out information abut ……. (4) The agents talk with their clints, find out how to travel, what kinds of places to visit, and how mach money to ……(5). The agents will buy the necessary tickets and make …….(6). This service is free for the travelers.

4). A. Going               B. Traveling               C. Staying                 D. Leawing
5). A. Save                 B. Waste                       C. Spend                   D. Borrow
6). A. Cancellation      B. Transportation     C. Recervations   D. Accomodation

For questions 7 and 8, choose the best arrangement of the words to make corrent sentences.

7). In(1) – your(2) – the(3) – best(4) – speech(5)– on(6)– congratulations(7) – contest(8) – performance(9).

A. 7-4-9-1-2-3-5-6-8                   B. 7-6-2-4-9-1-3-5-8
C. 7-6-3-5-8-1-2-4-9                   D. 7-1-3-5-8-6-2-9-4

8). Meet(1) – The library(2) – 3:00 pm(3) – Infront of(4) – Please(5) – at(6) –me(7) – to(8) – remember(9).

A. 5-9-8-7-4-2-6-3-1                   B. 9-8-4-3-2-1-7-5-6
C. 5-9-8-1-7-4-2-6-3                   D. 9-8-4-2-6-3-1-5-7

9). ( urutkan teks dibawah ini )

1. Bandung Bondowoso asked Roro Jonggrang to marry him

2. Roro Jonggrang agreed to marry Bandung on one condition.

3. A long time ago in Prambanan palace lived King Baka and his daughter, Roro Jonggrang.

4. One day, Bandung Bondowoso Kiled King Baka to conquaer Prambanan.

5. At last, the genie left the temple uncompleted.

6. The work  was almost finished whwn Roro woke the sun.

7. Then, Bandung asked this genie for help

8. Bandung had to present one thousand temples in one night.

The best arrangement of the story is………

  1. A. 3-6-4-1-8-7-2-5
  2. B. 3-4-1-2-8-7-6-5
  3. C. 3-4-6-1-8-7-2-5
  4. D. 3-1-4-2-7-8-6-5

10). ( urutkan teks dibawah ini )

1. A fermale elephant carries her unbom young for about 20 to 22 months.

2. Athough they have huge bodies and great power, their movements are smooth and gentle.

3. Why they grow up, the hair becomes spacer.

4. The baby elephant is usually about onemetre high and weighs about one hundred kilograms.

5. Elephants are the larnget mammals in the world

6. Withim an hour ofbirth the baby elephant can stand on its own feet.

7. Newly born elephants usually have thick hair all over their bodies

8. Aduls elephants have almost no hair.

Whch one is the best arrangement of the sentences above. ?

  1. A. 7-4-1-6-3-8-2-5
  2. B. 5-2-1-6-4-7-3-8
  3. C. 1-2-4-7-6-8-5-3
  4. D. 5-3-2-4-1-7-6-8


Sumber, intan pariwara – 2008


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