Jawablah pertanyaan  Quiz dibawah ini cukup dengan memilih 1) atau 2) mana jawaban yang kamu anggab tepat :

1. Function of experiment that to do the scientis is …

  1. To prove true of theory
  2. To experiment method of scientific method
2. Menthod intelligence that use logic will following cotinuity inside intelligence, it is a characteristic of sains is …
  1. The law Result characteristic is universal               
  2. Use menthod logic
3. Resolution of problem to do basic experiment that can fell all people, it is experience …
  1. SaIns experience                
  2. Real experience                  
4. Mention characteristic of sains !
–          Their object to consist to substance concrete
–          the law Result characteristic is universal
–          use method  sistematis
–          To extend experiment empiris
–          Use menthod logic
–          The result have character objective
Exemple the object is consist of substance concrete !
–          Observation about virus to do use microscope electron and bactery with helped light microscope.
5. This following is activity about biology …
  1. A girl play with butterfly
  2. The student observation in the place that have many plants
6. The people will observation the plant kaktus, where the people can observation about ?
  1. Forest                                            
  2. Kaktus grow place
What is the meant by experiment?
Experiment is systematic and well-planed test to prove the truth of a theory.
Mention two example activity about sains !
–          The scientis observation in the forest
–          The student seen anatomy of butterfly
7. Organism and abiotic factor in an environment form a unit called ..
  1. Biome                                
  2. Ecosystem
8. what the meaning show irritability …
  1. Process of gas exchanging
  2. Ability to respond to a stimulus
What is the basis for naming biome?
Basis of biome on the shape and form of a community as a whole, most dominant species in community and characteristic of predominant plants.
What the function of reproduction ?            reproduction to retain or continue their existence to prevent extinction.
Other study biology, he animals  doctor also need study ..
  1. Mathematic                                   
  2. Chemistry                            
9. The branches biology of that is closely related to the classification of organism is …
  1. Taxonomy                         
  2. Sytology                           
why the must that studied by farmers ? farmers stidied of botany, physiological anatomy and genetic.
Explain the importence of botany in industry ?
Botany importence in industry because with studied botany we can be find plants which can be used as raw materials for industry.
10.  According to general, scientific report can different become four kinds, except ..
  1. Monograf                                      
  2. Report basic the question
 Silahkan dicoba dan dijawab quiz ini sampai dimana kemampuan anda dan sekaligus diberi comment, saya tunggu atensi anda ingat hadiah menanti.
By Charisma

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